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GBMS is partner in the MARIN TopTier JIP. This international Joint Industry Project investigates the roots of container loss at sea. Over the last year a large crew survey, with over 1500 respondent) was performed. The outcome of the survey shows the crew perspective on important issues. Below a selected set of these conclusions is listed:
Prior to departure:
  • Difficult to keep overview over the large amnount of containers.
  • Final loading plan is only available just before leaving port.

During sailing:
  • Natural roll period of the ship, which is an important parameter in decision making is not accurately known.
  • Unpredictable circumstances with regard to wind and waves and a lack of verifiable data about lashing conditions and loads make dicision making difficult.

GBMS’ SensoriumC system helps to get a quick overview of the containers, the loads and the lashing. The real-time measurements of SensoriumC provides a direct method to obtain the roll period and the calculations of the loads cornerposts and lashing material provide valuable information to the crew..


SaaS warning system that monitors the loads in container stacks to secure safe shipping and a reduced loss of containers.


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