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Michiel Gunsing

Michiel has been working in the Maritime industry for over 15 years. He specialized in seakeeping analysis and ship hydrodynamics calculation. In 2021 he and Joris founded GBMS to support the container shipping industry. Michiel is managing director of GBMS.

Managed several large experimental and numerical research projects.

Investigated the hydrodynamic motions of a wide range of vessels, including container vessels.

Investigated the roll opposing systems to mitigate parametric rolling.


Joris Brouwer

Joris is a data analysis specialist with over 15 years of experience in the maritime research. He specializes in the development of fast numerical algorithms and sensor-signal processing. He is co-founder and technical of GBMS.

Managed a large legacy software overhaul projects to improve the efficiency, automation and traceability of data analysis.

Develops sensor data filtering and processing analysis for a wide range of applications.

Develops hardware systems to measure the shipmotions.