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Michiel Gunsing

Michiel studied Chemical Engineering Science at Twente University. In 2004, he finished his PhD on the physics and computer modelling and experimental validation of two-phase flow. From 2006 to 2021 he has worked at MARIN as senior project manager on the experimental and numerical research of seakeeping of all kinds of sea going vessels, including container ships.

Managed several large experimental and numerical research projects.

Investigated the roll motions of container vessels.

Investigated the roll opposing systems.


Joris Brouwer

Joris Brouwer holds a M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering from Twente University. He was a project manager and data analysis specialist at MARIN before starting a company developing data analysis for smart systems (

Managed a large legacy software overhaul project at MARIN which improves efficiency, automatization and traceability.

Invented a horse gait measurement system for Werkman Hoofcare and developed the data processing and factory software.
Developed data processing, quality assurance and factory calibration software for a cyclist power meter system of a tech startup.

Improved logistic efficiency for TringTring, an electric cargo bicycles service provider.

GBMS joined Marin Top Tier JIP

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