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Our services

We offer a SaaS warning system monitoring the loads in container stacks in real time. This secures safe shipping, and a reduce loss of containers at sea.

Instant warning of excessive loads in container stacks.

Real time monitoring of ship motions.

Logging of ship motion data for hind-sight analysis.


Alert ship crew on possible risk

Increased revenues

Better informed routing

Improve Environment

Who are we?

We reduce container loss

GBMS is focussing on developing systems that can reduce the number of containers lost at sea. We will apply our thorough understanding of ship motions, physics, software development and sensor technology to develop warning systems. Unlike other systems, our warning system informs the crew in an early stage of potential unsafe behaviour of container stacks.

Environmental impact

2000+ containers lost every year

Every year over 2000 containers are lost at sea causing a tremendous impact on the environment. Recent incidents like those with the MSC-ZOE (2019/263 containers lost), the ONE-APUS (2020/1800 containers lost), MAERSK-ESSEN (2021/750 containers lost), MAESK-EINDHOVEN (2021/253 containers lost) have gained attention in the media but many smaller incidents do not get this attention.

The impact of these losses became clear on January 1st, 2019 when the content of the containers of the ZOE washed up on a large part of the Dutch coast and into the UNESCO Nature Reserve ‘de Waddenzee’ . Small plastic particles were spread through water and over land, affecting the population of birds for years to come.


GBMS will join the JIP

The MARIN TopTier JIP joins the large container companies, class societies, shipbuilders, flag states and research institutions to investigate off design conditions that could lead to loss of containers.

GBMS is an active participant in this JIP and has access to all research data and reports.

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